Contribution by Spyros Hadjigregoriou to meeting of Political Parties at Ledra Palace - Ενωμένοι Δημοκράτες
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Contribution by Spyros Hadjigregoriou to meeting of Political Parties at Ledra Palace

Contribution by Spyros Hadjigregoriou to meeting of Political Parties at Ledra Palace

Madam Ambassador,
Dear friends,

It is always interesting whenever we are called to discuss the restating of negotiations for a comprehensive and durable solution of the Cyprus problem, especially when this proposal is made by the historical party of AKEL, as it is the case today.

I must state from the outset that I ran the risk of repeating what my friends, who spoke before me, have said on the topic which is in front of us for discussion. Anyway, I am glad to deliver my presentation. Any stoppage to the quest for a solution of the Cyprus problem will be detrimental to the whole effort in seeking the unification of our country.

This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilising drug of gradualism.

Now is the time to remove the quick sands and all other barriers that divide our country.

Now is the time, as the Secretary – General, in his latest report to the Security Council has said on the 5 July 2013, paragraph 40, we must develop economic, social and cultural contacts which are bound to improve the climate at the negotiating table.

Now is the time as the Secretary General states, in the next paragraph of his Report, to encourage the parties to move forward on future possible crossings which would result in greater social and economic interaction between the communities.

Now is the time to express genuine willingness to solve our political problem and reunify our country because if we stop, even for a second, we loose the momentum, we miss the train and we stay behind with our misery and with our depression, being sure that a few years later we may be calling the past to return and we may even request that the sun rises from the west.

Now it is possible to move forward provided we show genuine willingness to negotiate, to show the necessary goodwill and determination to live in a multicultural society, with absolute respect for the human rights, the ethics and the culture of others.

We must stop as from today, talking about them and us and start thinking and talking, simply, about us.

Now, if I may say a few words about the economic aspects of the solution of the Cyprus problem, time does not allow me to say much, but it suffices to say that devided we have survived, therefore united there is no doubt  we shall prosper.

In this connection, I may return to the Secretary General’s latest report to the Security Council in paragraph 43, he states:

“With regard to the exploration of natural resources around Cyprus, I once again call upon the parties to make every effort to avoid raising tensions and work in peace as it is important to ensure that any new found wealth belongs to all Cypriots and it will benefit both communities”.

Very often I find refuge to official sources, in order to avoid tiring controversies, so I quote again from the last Security Council Resolution no. 2014 (30.7.13) which stipulates that “the comprehensive and just settlement will be based on a bicommunal bizonal federation with political equality as set out in the relevant Security Council Resolutions”.

Madam Ambassador,

I shall not get tired by repeating once more that it took Thomas Jefferson one month in 1776 to write the draft of the Declaration of Independence, on behalf of the five members Committee, authorised by the United States – Colonies which were the first states to form the United States of America and they did not have then electricity or computer facilities. We have been trying to agree on our constitution for approximately 50 years. What a comparison? Why have we taken so long? Are we trying to square the circle?

The gist for the agreement for the solution of the political problem of Cyprus is there and only goodwill, confidence, trust and a new vision are needed to complete the agreement, if not yesterday “the latest” today.

Spyros Hadjigregoriou
Member of the Executive Committee,
The United Democrats
25 September 2013