We thank Ambassador Jan Skoda - Ενωμένοι Δημοκράτες
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We thank Ambassador Jan Skoda

We thank Ambassador Jan Skoda

Today, we thanked Ambassador Jan Skoda, the Ambassador of Slovakia in Cyprus for his dedicated efforts in keeping alive the dialogue between the political parties of the two communities on the island. The forum of the GC and TC political parties meeting monthly at Ledra Palace under the auspices of the Slovak Embassy has been the only political forum which continued dialogue, even during times that the leaders of the two communities were not meeting; hence keeping the hope for reconciliation and for an agreement on the peaceful reunification of Cyprus alive.

The Ambassador’s personal dedication and commitment in honouring the mission of the Slovak Embassy in Cyprus is highly appreciated.

The United  Democrats wish the Ambassador a successful continuation of his fruitful contribution to  diplomacy and all the best to himself, family, friends and colleagues.

Looking forward to welcoming the Ambassador back to a reunited Cyprus.